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MedEuropa is a fast growing company focused on cancer care

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MedEuropa is a fast growing company focused on cancer care

MedEuropa is dedicated to improving cancer care by bringing together experienced medical professionals from complementary horizons

We develop through partnerships, acquisitions and the opening of new centres. Our approach is flexible and long term. We like to partner with individuals and organisations that share our entrepreneurial mindset

We have operations in France, Germany and Romania and plan to expand in other European geographies. Our presence in France and Germany has been strengthened in the past months with the following transactions:

Acquisition of Margarethenklinik in Kappeln, Germany

Partnership with the Andrée Dutreix Institute in Dunkirk, France

Partnership with the Centre Catalan d’Oncologie in Perpignan, France

Acquisition of MVZ Gamma Knife in Krefeld and Hannover, Germany

In Romania, we aim to make advanced cancer care widely available by building a network of state-of-the art centers. We opened a first center in Constanta in April 2018 and have several projects in planning and construction.

MedEuropa is a Swiss-headquartered company. It was founded by a reputed entrepreneur and is further owned by medical doctors and management.


We are building up a pan-European organisation committed to providing best in class cancer care.

We do so by bringing together experienced medical professionals from complementary horizons and by using state-of-the art technology.

Radiotherapy is core (albeit not exclusive) to our operations. We value its medical benefits, constant clinical and technology developments as well as the cost efficiency aspects of the therapy.

Our values:

Commitment to Patients – we do what we do because we want to help patients who suffer from cancer.

People – are at the very centre of what we do and how we do it. They provide the care to our patients: medically savvy, humanly caring. As an organisation, our responsibility is to grow and retain our people.

Excellence – we provide lifesaving treatments, which are highly technical and require extreme accuracy. We must be excellent at what we do.

Collaboration – in our environment is a pre-requisite to quality and excellence. And to performance in general. We seek to provide the best collaborative environment – internally and externally.

Innovation – goes beyond our efforts to optimise technology. Innovation is a mindset. It is a call to continuously improve our procedures, services and attitudes to providing care.

Flexible and long-term approach

We develop through partnerships, acquisitions and by starting new operations. France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Italy and Romania are geographies where we are developing our presence.

Our investment and partnering approach is flexible. We are not limited by specific investment horizon. We seek to accommodate the preferences of the parties and individuals involved and we have a flexible approach to shareholding, with a preference for majority investments, but the flexibility to gain majority ownership over time.

We value an entrepreneurial mindset and like to partner and share value with doctors and organisations.

Below are examples of situations in which MedEuropa gets involved.

Selling your practice to MedEuropa

For any owner of a practice, finding the right successor can be a delicate process, in terms of :

– Ensuring continued quality of care to patients and relationships with referrers and employees: finding the right person(s) to take over;
– Personal transition: managing a smooth phase out;
– Capital: getting the appropriate value for what has been built over many years.

MedEuropa’s management is experienced in accompanying such situations and we can put together with you a plan that will include:

– Optimised transfer of the shares: one-off or in stages; option to reinvest in the next stage of growth, taking into consideration efficient structuring;
– Professional activity: gradual phase-out or immediate cessation; potential consulting activities, etc.
– Financing of share participation of incoming doctors (if relevant).

Separation situations (eg demerger of radiology and radiotherapy activities) can also be addressed using a similar approach.

Partnering with MedEuropa to grow

MedEuropa likes to partner with entrepreneurs.

Here are examples of situations where we can invest alongside ambitious professionals:

  • Expansion: adding a new piece of equipment in its existing premises

  • Geographical expansion : Acquiring one or more existing sites to create a local or regional network.

  • Renewal: replacing an old equipment with state-of-the art technology

  • Greenfield projects : opening a new centre justified by unserved needs (eg new technology).

  • Relocation: moving an existing operation into new premises.

+ any other meaningful project we have not thought of ourselves!

Collaborating to focus on our core activity

At MedEuropa, we believe that radiotherapy is best operated when it is a stand-alone activity which receives 100% attention.

Many public and private hospitals have successfully chosen to focus on their core activities by divesting their radiotherapy operations to private operators like MedEuropa.

Appropriate collaboration agreements are put in place to safeguard the long term interests of both parties and make such a transaction a win-win.

Such agreements typically cover areas like the (i) use of shared premises and assets, (ii) integrating the clinical pathway and collaboration with oncology departments, (iii) participation on tumour boards, etc.

PPPs: Public-Private partnerships and Private-Private Partnerships are a lighter form of divestments where the hospital retains part of the operations.

MedEuropa’s management is experienced in setting up and operating such collaborations.

Our existing operations

In Germany, MedEuropa operates under the brand “Gamma Knife Zentrum Krefeld Hannover.

With over 10,000 patients treated since its foundation 20 years ago, the company has established itself as one of the largest and most experienced brain radiosurgery operator (Gamma Knife® technology) in Europe. Conventional radiotherapy is also available.

MVZ Gamma Knife GmbH - Logo

See company website for more details:

Centre Catalan d’Oncologie, Perpignan, France

The CCO is located in Perpignan and offers a comprehensive clinical platform for the management of solid tumours. Nearly 2,000 new patients are treated every year. The centre has three accelerators and the medical team enjoys an excellent reputation in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, where it is very active, particularly through the multidisciplinary consultation meetings of the Onco-Po network and clinical research activities.

Centre Catalan d’Oncologie (“CCO”), France
See company website for more details:

Institut Andrée Dutreix Dunkerque, France

The Institute is located in Dunkirk and provides radiotherapy treatments to over 800 patients per year in the Pas-de-Calais and Nord departments. The Institute is led by four independent practitioners, who operate two accelerators of the latest generation and benefit from a robust referral network, supported by an established presence at multidisciplinary consultation meetings in the local region. The Institute is the only integrated private cancer centre on the North Coast (Littoral Nord) and Maritime Flanders.

Institut Andrée Dutreix Dunkerque, France
See company website for more details:

In Romania, MedEuropa operates under its brand a state-of-the art centre in Constanta.

This is the first of a series of centres planned to open in the coming years. In the context of Romania’s undersupply in advanced radiotherapy, MedEuropa is proud of the improved quality of care that this centre provides to the local population.


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MedEuropa’s international management and medical teams have significant experience in developing and managing healthcare operations.

The team works in close collaboration with local industry specialists and advisors.

Meet our leadership team →

Philippe Jacobs

Philippe Jacobs

Philippe Jacobs

Philippe Jacobs is Chairman of MedEuropa.

Mr Jacobs is the founder of the company and majority shareholder (through Telemos Capital, the investment holding he created and chairs).

Philippe Jacobs comes from a family with a long tradition of entrepreneurship (eg. Jacobs Suchard, Adecco, Barry Callebaut). He has been a Board Member of Jacobs Holding AG since 2008 and Co-Chairman since 2015.

In healthcare services, Mr Jacobs has been closely involved in the development of “Colosseum Dental”, which has become one of the top 3 leading dentistry groups in Europe.

Mr Jacobs holds a MsC in Finance from the Imperial College and is a HSG graduate.


Ralph Hefti

Ralph Hefti

Ralph Hefti

Ralph Hefti is the Chief Executive Officer of MedEuropa.

Mr Hefti has over 10 years of experience as CEO of healthcare service companies.

Prior to being a healthcare care executive, Mr Hefti was a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and an investment executive (BC Partners).

Mr Hefti holds a Master degree in Business and a Master of Science in International Management, both from HEC Lausanne.


Heidrun Wechter-Essig

Heidrun Wechter-Essig

Heidrun Wechter-Essig

Heidrun Wechter-Essig is the Chief Financial Officer of MedEuropa.

Mrs Wechter-Essig has more than 20 years of experience in various financial and operational management positions in France, Switzerland, Belgium and USA within international groups.

Mrs Wechter-Essig holds an MBA from Indiana University and a degree from ESB Reutlingen.


Raffael Kabir
Head of corporate development

Raffael Kabir

Raffael Kabir
Head of corporate development

Raffael Kabir is responsible for the corporate development activities of MedEuropa.

Prior to his current role he was an auditor with Ernst&Young and a corporate finance consultant at Deloitte.

Mr Kabir holds an MBA from IESE Business School and a dual degree (IPBS) from ESB Reutlingen and CESEM Reims.

Head of corporate development

Basile Zurcher
Corporate Development Manager

Basile Zurcher

Basile Zurcher
Corporate Development Manager

Basile Zurcher is responsible for the corporate development projects of MedEuropa.

Prior to his current role he was an Associate at Rothschild & Co in London, focusing on healthcare M&A transactions.

Mr Zurcher holds a Master in Finance from Bocconi University and a Bachelor’s degree from HEC Lausanne.

Corporate Development Manager


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